The Last Knights is a Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy Game (MMORTS) set in Medieval Europe, Asia and Rome.Edit

This is an online real-time strategy game (rts) where you are an officer in the army of one of 90 different countries in early medieval Rome, medieval Europe and Asia. You build your army while climbing the ranks, getting stronger while your soldiers and yourself gain experience and your army grows larger in size. Once you rank high enough you can unite lower officers (other players) and fight huge online battles to attack one of the other countries.

This Medieval army and battle game is a long running massive multiplayer real-time online strategy game (MMORTS) where you are part of the national and international military balance and politics. Your goals are first to improve your own army, but also to defend the territory of your country and make it the leading power in the world.

Your attacks are only limited by the soldiers that get injured in your fights. If they get injured you will have to wait for them to get healed some points every 30 minutes. You can miss a few soldiers of your army but if too many are injured the others and yourself run a greater risk in the next battle.

This game features:

More action and suspense than any other text-based game.

Web-Based game: In this Web-Based RTS game all actions can be done online and through your browser.

Medieval game: all units, maps and countries are taken from the Medieval times

Your own soldiers to command. Every soldier is unique, having a name, strength, type (archers, swordmen etc), experience and skill level.

Soldiers gain experience through battles with robbers, pirates, barbarians or other armies.

Soldiers can get injured, captured or in the worst case killed if you are a reckless commander.

You lead your soldiers in battle, running the same risks as they.

47 different soldier types all taken from the Medieval Era.

30 different countries to join.

25 ranks to climb as officer, from Private to Marquess.

Alternating maps of medieval europe, asia and rome. Travel around your country, or even expand it at the cost of another country.

Communication with and dependency on other officers (players) in a single larger army. Unite lower ranked players or join a higher general.

Ability to become the Emperor, gaining control of a country's diplomacy and much more!

Large scale online army creation and strategies.

Fight huge battles online as you join armies together to defeat your enemy!

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