The first basics in PvP is knowing the types of units.

As mentioned on the KnC unit page, the unit types can be composed into pure artillery ( ex. Howitzers), normal artillery ( ex. Crossbows), arty-cavalry ( ex. Horse archers), pure cavalry ( ex. Cavalerists), infantry ( ex. Footmen), and anti-cavalry ( ex. Halberdiers).

Each category beats another, but some categories aren't very useful for pvp. Anti-cavalry may be good against cavalry, but due to a current lowness on cavalry, it's use is limited. Most infantry armies are not very suitable to pvp either, since they get beaten up by a lot of armies.

How to build a basic pvp army:

Each PvP army has its own way to be built, but these guidelines can help the newer players to build a decent army.

- Most pvp armies get built from corporal. That way they'll have enough experience and accuracy to be stronger than rebuilds at higher ranks. Most armies will take a lot of clicking.

- If built nicely and early in the age, a pvper can easily beat rebuilding brigadiers early on in the age.

- PvP armies take patience.

Advised units for newer PvPers: Samurai ( very easy to build), Horse Archers, Crossbows, Footmen, Hunters

Pure artillery:

Pure artillery like howitzers, cannons, catapults,... can perform real massacres on enemies, but are very hard to build. Their goal is to kill, not to win pvps. The following guide was written by Sabahat, and comes from

Get ranged cav till 3rd lt, then Promote at 350xp and 700xp, At 3rd lt buy appr arty to fill wage (Don't dismiss your ranged cav yet) Train until the arty you bought are ready to promoted, then dismiss down to 8 or so ranged cav, and buy more arty. Promote arty to std and ranged cav as possible. Continue training, Promote remaining arty bought at 3rd lt to std.

2nd lt - lt col Buy appr arty at each rank, do not promote anything.

lt col - Buy appr arty, promote ranged cav train.

Col - dissmiss half your ranged cav, buy appr arty, promote ranged cav, train.

Brig - dissmiss down to 1 ranged cav, buy std arty, train.

Maj gen - dissmiss all ranged cav, buy std arty, promote all.

Note: if you cant find ranged cav , i prefer to use any cav or low waged infantry till 3rd Lt, althought it does not do in one run but will help you to get it done quicker. for Mortars use infantry.

Thanks to Sabahat for writing this guide.